Miss Lashe (retrofatale) wrote in atlantatheatre,
Miss Lashe

2010-03-13 Vegas or Bust Show (Atlanta)

Who: Syrens of the South Productions
What: Vegas or Bust!
When: Saturday, March 13, 2010
Doors: First show at 7pm, second show at 10pm
$10 in Advance at www.syrensofthesouth.com, $15 at the door
Where: Little Tree Studios (Behind The James Joyce)
2842 Franklin St
Avondale Estates, GA 30002


Every year, the best burlesque performers and troupes are selected worldwide to compete and showcase in the annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Reunion Weekend. This is a competition and showcase, that among other things, crowns the Reigning Queen of Burlesque. Syrens of the South produces a yearly show called Vegas or Bust! To help not only fund contestants and showcase honeys but provides professional footage of their competition pieces.

Videos from this show are not only going to the Burlesque Hall of Fame, but also to festivals and competitions all over the world! Already, Creative Loafing’s best of burlesque performer, Vagina Jenkins is competing in London in April. There will be a raffle to help fund her trip at each show. Katherine Lashe has also been accepted to the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and will be having a bake sale at both shows to help her go international!

By coming to this show, you too will be a part a local artistic movement that’s growth is on an international scale by assuring Atlanta representation in Vegas and Beyond!

Burlesque is the art of the striptease, with a focus on the tease. The performers occasionally strip to pasties, but there is no nudity in any of our productions. This show is a revival of an American art form that has become an international movement.

To purchase tickets in advance please go to www.syrensofthesouth.com and for any questions please email syrensofthesouth@gmail.com.
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