Jack Babalon (jackbabalon23) wrote in atlantatheatre,
Jack Babalon

The Devil's Music!

Hey Atlanta locals, check it out: "Broadsword" is a delightful little Rock N' Roll fairytale, one that can stand proudly alongside the legend of Robert Johnson's infernal pact at the Crossroads as well as the occult fueled rumors that still haunt Brian Jones death. Imagine the movie 'Airheads' mashed-up with Nick Cave's classic 'Red Right Hand' and you'll have a rough idea of how this number's gonna play out. This play really needs to be seen by more than the theatre elite and the landed gentrified of Terminus. Take it from a guy who doesn't know his Mamet from his Molière, this show kicks ass and will trash your expectations the way the Stones could trash a hotel room!
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